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Strick has been the trailer industry’s innovator since 1937—working with customers to develop unique solutions to business needs. Our leading-edge technologies and engineering excellence have changed the way the industry builds trailers.

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Strick Trailers 101″ Dry Van Trailer
Features an interior with “snap-in”” HDPE plastic lining, vertical logistics posts and 101” of inside width.


Overall Trailer Dimensions
53′ long x 13’6″ high x 102.36″ (2.6 meters) wide

Fifth Wheel Height

Internal Trailer Dimensions
Height at Front: 110″
Height at Rear: 110″
Inside Width: 100-7/8″ at post
Inside Length: 52′ 4-3/4″

Door Opening Dimensions
Opening Height: 110″
Opening Width: 98-5/16″

Dock Height

Total Cubic Capacity
4030 cubic feet

Estimated Tare Weight
14,700 lbs ± 3%

Detailed Specifications

Front Panel
.048″ thick pre-painted white aluminum sheets with five (5) 1 5/16″ deep galvanized steel hat shaped posts. Extruded aluminum 4″ radius corner panels. Aluminum three-piece front top rail with 4″ radius corner castings. Sheets fastened to posts with one (1) row of solid 3/16″ rivets on 2″ centers at seams and 4″ centers at intermediate locations. Foam sealing tape at all sheet seams.

Side Panels
.048″ thick pre-painted white aluminum sheets with .45″ deep A-slotted 12GA galvanized steel hat shaped posts on 16″ centers. Sheets fastened to posts with ONE (1) row of solid 3/16″ rivets on 2″ centers at seams and 4″ centers at intermediate locations. Foam sealing tape at all sheet seams.

Bottom Rails
8-3/4″ deep heavy extruded aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with floor sealing lip.

Top Rails
5-9/16″ deep scuff heavy duty extruded aluminum alloy 6061-T6.

Kingpin Structure
3-1/8″ deep steel structure automatically welded. AAR tested and certified. 5/16″ thick formed channels welded to 5/16″ thick steel bottom plate. 1/4″ thick by full width front pick-up plate. Kingpin is of crosshead design located 36″ back from front. Front wrap is shotblasted, primed, painted white and oven baked prior to installation. Strick uses a zinc epoxy primer with urethane top coat.

Landing Gear
Jost #A401, two-speed, low profile cushion foot sandshoes, inboard mounted with sixteen (16) 5/8″ diameter bolts to a formed steel mounting gusset spanning five (5) crossmembers. Fabricated angle bracing – fore, aft, leg-to-leg, and leg to cross brace. Located 141-7/16″ back from front. Roadside crank handle painted.

1 3/8” full laminated flooring, pre-undercoated. Shiplap joints with crusher bead between floor board joints. Three (3) 5/16″ diameter torx head screws per each inner board and two (2) 5/16″ screws in each edge board.

4″ hot rolled steel ‘I’ beam on 12″ centers throughout. Steel end clips are pre-welded to crossmember ends. Crossmembers are coated with corrosion resistance copolymer prior to installation. Steel clip is separated by plastic tape from the aluminum bottom rail to prevent electrolysis. Crossmembers attached with four (4) 3/8″ diameter solid rivets on each end.

Air & Electrical Lines
A split wire harness body ground system incorporates a modular PVC encased 14 ga. copper wiring, 12 volt system. Terminates on roadside of front panel with 7-way ATA receptacle and fixed gladhands. Quick release style gladhand on blue service line. Air and electrical lines are run externally on front. Synflex air lines and electrical harness are routed along bottom rail above the crossmembers.

.040″ thick one-piece bonded aluminum sheet. Full length aluminum edge “J” strips over top rail leg in rivet area. All fasteners outside of cargo area.

Roof Bows
One-piece 3/4″ deep galvanized 16GA steel ‘spring type’ on 24″ centers connected with two (2) huck bolts at ends and adhesive tape to roof sheet. Extra bow at front and rear to help with racking stability.

Rear Frame
High tensile steel sections, fixture built, all welded construction. Protection from dock abuse is afforded through the sill section which recesses the lights within the sill. Heavy duty ICC bumper features bolt-on perforated bumper tube with vertical gussets and ‘K’ bracing bolted to suspension structure and rear frame. Bumper conforms to federal standards. Entire assembly is hot dipped galvanized.

Rear Doors
Swing type, .5″ composite construction. Dual durometer seals. Pre-painted white galvanized steel exterior, pre-painted white galvanized steel interior. Five (5) aluminum hinges per door. One galvanized steel anti-rack locking bar per door. Door hardware is protected from electrolysis by foam gaskets. All fasteners are large head bolts. Chain type door holdback with chain in rail and hook on door.

Front Lining
1/2″ thick structurewood installed full height, horizontally.

Front Scuff
Non-galvanized 7GA X 12″ high flat steel scuff

Side Lining
HDPE, snap in type, installed vertically between posts above scuff liner NO RIVETS.

Side Scuff
18GA X 10″ high corrugated 80psi steel with ¼” deep ribs fastened directly to posts.

15″ smooth galvanized steel.

Conforms to FMVSS #108 and all D.O.T. requirements. All lights Truck Lite LED.

Sliding Subframe
Variable position sliding tandem with full length bolt-on slide pads. Slide range from 69″ to 173″. Tubular steel stop bars are welded in place front and rear with solid end bar inserts. Subframe is locked in place by four (4) self-locating spring loaded solid steel pins to insure positive engagement. ‘EZ’-PULL locking pin mechanisem. There are four (4) bolt-on holddown clamps for additional safety.


5.75″ round with 16-1/2″ x 7″ “S” cam brakes. Quick change non-asbestos lining. ArvinMeritor automatic slack adjusters.

“ABS” 2S/1M without external diagnostic cable

Ranger type 30/30

Oil Seals
Stemco seals and caps with oil bath wheel bearing lubrication

Hub & Drums
Hayes 10-stud hub piloted with outboard mounted cast drums.

22.5 x 8.25 hub piloted steel disc powder coated white with #TR-572 valve stems.

295/75R22.5 low profile radial.

Strick, white mounted behind tires in conformance with regulations.

Conspicuity Tape
Full length both sides, across bottom of rear doors and full width of bumper cross tube per federal regulations. Reflexite is standard.

Safety inspection and decal installed on front.

To insure top-quality corrosion resistance the understructure, kingpin, landing gear, and running gear are sprayed with ‘BLACK’ undercoating. Floor boards and crossmembers are purchased with corrosion resistance copolymer applied.

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